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Congratulations to Dr. Baran for being named a 2013 MacArthur Fellow
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The Baran Group works with Sigma-Aldrich in providing a portfolio of zinc-based reagents promoting difluoromethylation, trifluoromethylation, trifluoroethylation and isopropylation of aryl and heteroaryl motifs. Baran’s lab has also helped introduce a portable desaturase (Tz0Cl), which promotes the installation of alcohol and amine groups and leaves behind a highly useful tosyl group for further transformations.

Phil Baran has developed a zinc sulfinate toolkit containing products available in our catalog (TFMS, DFMS, TFES, and IPS) for the simple and rapid diversification of heterocycles found in the recent Nature paper "Practical and Innate Carbon-Hydrogen Functionalization of Heterocycles."

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Qianghui Zhou, Jinghan Gui, Chung-Mao Pan, Earl Albone, Xin Cheng, Edward M Suh, Luigi Grasso, Yoshihiro Ishihara, Phil S Baran
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2013-09-04
A general C-H functionalization method for the tagging of natural products and pharmaceuticals is described. An azide-containing sulfinate reagent allows the appendage of azidoalkyl chains onto heteroaromatics, the product of which can then be attached to a monoclonal antibody by a "click" reaction. This strategy expands the bre...Read More
Fionn O'Hara, Donna G Blackmond, Phil S Baran
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2013-08-14
Radical addition processes can be ideally suited for the direct functionalization of heteroaromatic bases, yet these processes are only sparsely used due to the perception of poor or unreliable control of regiochemistry. A systematic investigation of factors affecting the regiochemistry of radical functionalization of heterocycl...Read More