Custom Peptide Library | PEPscreen®

Experience affordable and fast delivery of custom peptide libraries for target identification. The PEPscreen peptide library is configured in a convenient plate format, perfect for screening applications, epitope mapping and peptide microarray production.

Product Specifications

  • Sequence Length: 6 to 20 amino acids
  • Amount: 0.5-2mg or 2-5mg
  • Modifications: Comprehensive offering including phosphorylation, biotin, fluorescein, stable isotopes, etc.
  • Format: Supplied dry in a 96 well tube rack
  • Options: Normalization and aliquoting (stock and copy libraries)
  • Minimum library size of 24 peptides

Library Design

Design your library with ease using our convenient design tool. It enables you to design overlapping peptide fragment libraries, alanine scanning libraries, truncation libraries, and positional scanning libraries.