Chemiluminescent Substrates for Western Blotting

We offer a broad selection of ECL (enhanced chemiluminescence) substrates for every application.

Immobilon® Western HRP Substrates are a family of three premixed reagents for horseradish peroxidase-based detection that offer significant advantages over other

ECL reagents:

  • Single component, ready-to-use formulations simplify detection for steadfast reproducibility with enhanced  convenience
  • A range of sensitivities to provide optimal signal-to-background ratio across a spectrum of target protein concentrations

Immobilon® HRP substrates deliver exceptional sensitivity and long signal life in standard 2-component formats. These formulations permit the use of more dilute primary antibody solutions for immunoblot detection. Our newest product, Immobilon® ECL Ultra, provides sensitivity at the low femtogram range with longer signal duration than other substrates in its class.



Product No. Description
Immobilon® ECL Ultra Western HRP Substrate
WBULS0100 100 mL
WBULS0500 500 mL
Immobilon® Western Chemiluminescent HRP Substrate
WBKLS0050 2 x 25 mL
WBKLS0100 2 x 50 mL
WBKLS0500 2 x 250 mL
Immobilon® Classico Western HRP Substrate
WBLUC0100 100 mL
WBLUC0500 500 mL
Immobilon® Crescendo Western HRP Substrate
WBLUR0100 100 mL
WBLUR0500 500 mL
Immobilon® Forte Western HRP Substrate
WBLUF0100 100 mL
WBLUF0500 500 mL

ReBlot™ Antibody Stripping Solution

ReBlot™ Antibody Stripping SolutionThis quick stripping reagent is the product of choice for regenerating Western blots. ReBlot™ Plus reagents efficiently strip probed blots of bound antibodies. ReBlot™ Plus reagents are available in two formulations, "Mild" and "Strong".

Product No. Description
Reblot Plus Kit
2500 2 x 50 mL
ReBlot Plus Mild Antibody Stripping Solution, 10x
2502 50 mL
ReBlot Plus Strong Antibody Stripping Solution, 10x
2504 50 mL