Blocking Reagents for Western Blotting

Immobilon® Block Noise Cancelling Reagents

  • Protein-free for decreased background and enhanced detection
  • Eliminates the need to run a second gel for Coomassie staining.
  • Stable at room temperature for 1 year

Immobilon® Block-FL reagent provides exceptional signal-to-noise results

Immobilon® Block-FL reagent provides exceptional signal-to-noise results. An Immobilon®-FL blots with dilution series of EGF-stimulated A431 lysate were blocked with indicated blocking reagent and incubated with anti-GAPDH antibody 1:10,000, (Catalog No. MAB374) diluted in the blocker. Following probing with secondary anti-mouse IgG antibody IRDye680), the blot was scanned on the Odyssey® scanner (LI-COR) following one hour of vacuum drying.


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WBAVDCH01 Immobilon® Block-CH Reagent Chemiluminescence detection 500 mL/bottle
WBAVDFL01 Immobilon® Block-FL Reagent Fluorescence detection 500 mL/bottle
WBAVDP001 Immobilon® Block-PO Reagent Phosphoprotein detection 500 mL/bottle

New Immobilon® Signal Enhancer combines signal amplification and blocking in one ready-to-use reagent.

Boost signal: Amplify low signal intensity Western blots—without amplifying noise

Save primary antibody: Use Immobilon® Signal Enhancer to reduce the amount of valuable primary antibody required


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WBSH0500 Immobilon® Signal Enhancer for Immunodetection


Chemiluminescent Signal Amplification


Fluorescent Signal Amplification

Two-fold dilution series of EGF-stimulated A431 cell lysate were resolved by SDS-PAGE and transferred onto Immobilon®-P or Immobilon®-FL membrane. Blots were blocked with either 5% non-fat dry milk or Immobilon® Signal Enhancer. Primary antibodies (rabbit anti-Akt1, 05-796 and mouse anti-PKC antibody, 05-983) and the labeled secondary antibodies were diluted in the respective reagents at identical dilution ratios. All blots were compared under the same conditions.