MQuant® Test Strips

Easy Handling & Brilliant Color Scales for Exact Results

  • MQuant® Test strips are pocket-sized laboratories for quick and simple analyses
  • All for you - over 30 test parameters and all concentration ranges are available to find the right test strip
  • A broad field of applications for various occasions, as checking the quality of frying oils, ensuring the safety after disinfection of your production line, or testing the glucose content of your food
  • Digital value readout and data storage now available with the MQuant® StripScan app for selected test strips.

MQuant® Test Strips – It’s That Simple!

Three Steps of MQuant® Testing

  1. Sample Preparation

    MQuant® Tests contain all necessary reagents, including those required for sample pre-treatment.

  2. Testing

Remove one MQuant® Test strip from the protective tube. Immediately
close the tube with the cap.


Dip strip into the test solution to wet reaction zone. Remove excess liquid by shaking test strip or drawing it across the edge of the vessel.


After the specified reaction time
(max 1 minute), compare the color
of the reaction zone with the color
scale printed on the tube label to
determine concentration.


  1. Disposal

    MQuant® Test strips can be safely and easily disposed of with regular waste.

Application Notes
• Areas of application for mobile
  analyses: water testing, disinfection
  control and food & beverages
• With over 300 application notes
  for photometry, reflectometry,
  and visual tests
, find the ideal
  method to support your
  production process and