Gas Chromatography Columns for the Agilent® Intuvo GC System

Available now! Get your favorite Supelco® GC columns for use with the Agilent® Intuvo GC System!

Gas Chromatography Columns for the Agilent® Intuvo GC System

We know the importance of having options for your gas chromatography analysis, that is why we have developed the first GC column alternatives for use within the Agilent Intuvo® GC system. From our workhorse SLB®-5ms and our unique selectivity ionic liquid columns to specialty columns like our Chiraldex® column, you now have a full portfolio of alternatives to choose from when using the Agilent® Intuvo® GC system.

Intuvo compatible GC columns:

  • Install in less than 1 minute — click-and-run connections
  • Require no maintenance or trimming
  • Use leak-free connection
  • Use high speed or high throughput GC with fast heating and cool downtime

Eliminate unplanned downtime, time-intensive tasks, and user technical limitations with our full line of GC columns made specifically for use within the Agilent® Intuvo GC system. These columns allow you to complete your analysis faster, easier, and with more accuracy, sensitivity and reproducibility.