High Resolution U/HPLC Separation of Monoclonal Antibodies on BIOshell™ IgG 1000 Å C18

High resolution separtion of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), mAb variants, and other, high molecular weight, hydrophobic proteins.

The BIOshell™ IgG 1000 Å C18 column, based on Fused-Core® particles, is non-polar in nature.  Utilizing a combination of water and methanol or acetonitrile with an ion pairing reagent (like trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) or difluoroacetic acid (DFA), most separations of mAbs and their variants can be achieved. For most mAb workflows, elevated column temperatures (60 °C or higher), is usually required. The BIOshell™ IgG 1000 Å C18 column is suitable for most proteins with molecular weights up to 500 kDa; this is due to the 1000 Å pore within the particle.

BIOshell™ IgG 1000 Å C18 Specifications
Silica: Type B (High purity silica)
Particle Platform: Superficially porous particles (SPP)
Phase Chemistry: Diisobutyloctadecyl
Particle Size: 2.7 µm
Pore Size: 1000 Å
Carbon Load: 1.4 %
Surface Area: 22 m²/g
pH Range: 1 - 8
Max Temperature at Low pH: 90 °C
Max Temperature at High pH: 40 °C
Endcapped: Yes

BIOshell™ IgG 1000 Å C18 is a high-speed, high-performance liquid chromatography column based on a superficially porous Fused-Core® particle design. The Fused-Core® particle provides a thin porous shell of high-purity silica surrounding a solid silica core.  This particle design exhibits very high column efficiency due to the shallow diffusion paths.

BIOshell™ IgG 1000 Å C18 U/HPLC Columns, 2.7 µm

Outstanding performance in U/HPLC. 2.7 µm SPP particle with 1000 Å pores. Ideal for the separation of large proteins.

2.7 µm SPP particle with 1000 Å pores


BIOshell™ IgG 1000 Å C18 Guard Cartridges


Finger-tight guard cartridge holder, Inlet
Provides easy replacement of guard cartrige.

Finger-tight guard cartridge holder, Outlet
Allows for replacement of cartridge without removing the guard holder from the flow path.

Titanium hybrid ferrule
Adds durability for multiple connections.

Auto-adjusting zero dead volume (ZDV) end fitting
Ensures optimum, ZDV connection to the analytical column.


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