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Starting a new lab can be challenging and we understand budgets can be tight. That’s why we created the New Lab Program! For six months, get exclusive savings with up to 85% off 200,000 products with special freight pricing.

Your job is to change the world through research, our job is to help you make sure that happens.


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 New Lab Program Benefits

 Additional New Lab Program Benefits

Celebrate Your Anniversary

What better way to celebrate than with savings. On the month of your one year anniversary, get 30 days of the same great pricing!

Be a Big Saver

The more you buy, the more you save!  Get an automatic additional 5% off on single orders of $1000 or more and an additional 10% off single orders greater than $2500.  That's a lot of savings!

Streamlined Ordering Process

Ordering through your punchout has never been easier.  Let us know when you register and we’ll do the rest.

 Tools & References

Expert Support
Our technical, customer and New Lab support specialists are always here to answer your questions.
Technical support

New Lab support team:
New Lab Checklist
We organized a list of everything you need for your new lab – just one little way we help your lab get off to a great start.  Download Checklist.

200,000 Products and growing
Curious what types of products are included in the New Lab Program? 
Click here to browse the savings portfolio. Save up to 85% on thousands of
Web Toolbox
Calculators, explorers, converters, protocols - just to name a few - are here whenever you might need them.  We call it a cheat sheet but we understand if you just want to call it your very own “toolbox.”  
Connected Lab Software
Optimize your new lab’s workflow with a single platform to manage inventory, design experiments, and automate data collection. Start your free BrightLab trial today