Biodegradable Polymers

Biodegradable polymers contain polymer chains that are hydrolytically or enzymatically cleaved, resulting in soluble degradation products. Biodegradability is particularly desired in biomedical applications, in which degradation of the polymer ensures clearance from the body and eliminates the need for retrieval or explant. Biodegradable polymers have applications1 in:

  • Controlled/sustained release drug delivery approaches
  • Tissue engineering scaffolds
  • Temporary prosthetic implants

We offer various types of biodegradable polymers with a range of molecular weights and degradation rates. Our product list includes both synthetic (e.g. poly(lactide), poly(glycolide), and their copolymers) and natural polymers. For specific categories of offered products, please see below.

1. Nair, LS et al. Prog Polym Sci, 2007, 32, 762-798.