Activated/Functionalized Matrices

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T8512 Activated Thiol–Sepharose® 4B lyophilized powder
A0802 Adipic acid dihydrazide–Agarose saline suspension
GE17-0700-01 2′,5′ ADP-Sepharose® 4B Cytiva, 17-0700-01, pack of 5 g
I7643 Amine-terminated magnetic particles 50 mg/mL in deionized water
A6017 ω-Aminohexyl–Agarose saline suspension
A2419 ω-Aminohexyl–Sepharose® 4B aqueous ethanol suspension
GE17-0948-01 Blue Sepharose® 6 Fast Flow Cytiva, 17-0948-01, pack of 50 mL
GE17-0529-01 Calmodulin-Sepharose® 4B Cytiva, 17-0529-01, pack of 10 mL
GE17-0430-01 CNBr Activated Sepharose® 4B Cytiva, 17-0430-01, pack of 15 g
GE17-0981-01 CNBr Activated Sepharose® 4 Fast Flow Cytiva, 17-0981-01, pack of 10 g
GE17-0440-01 Con-A Sepharose® 4B Cytiva, 17-0440-01, pack of 100 mL
C4187 Cyanoborohydride Coupling Buffer
C9210 Cyanogen bromide-activated Agarose lyophilized powder
C9142 Cyanogen bromide-activated-Sepharose® 4B lyophilized powder
C5338 Cyanogen bromide-activated-Sepharose® 4 Fast Flow lyophilized powder
GE17-0569-01 EAH-Sepharose® 4B Cytiva, 17-0569-01, pack of 50 mL
E6632 Epoxy-activated-Agarose lyophilized powder
E6754 Epoxy-activated−Sepharose® 6B lyophilized powder
GE17-0480-01 Epoxy Activated Sepharose® 6B Cytiva, 17-0480-01, pack of 15 g
GE17-0956-01 Gelatin-Sepharose® 4B Cytiva, 17-0956-01, pack of 25 mL
GE17-0998-01 Heparin Sepharose® 6 Fast Flow Cytiva, 17-0998-01, pack of 50 mL
GE28-9365-44 HiPrep Sp Fast Flow 16/10 Cytiva, 28-9365-44
H8280 N-Hydroxysuccinimidyl-Sepharose® 4 Fast Flow matrix fast-flow highly cross-linked 4% beaded agarose
GE17-0969-01 IgG Sepharose® 6 Fast Flow Cytiva, 17-0969-01, pack of 10 mL
GE17-0444-01 Lentil Lectin-Sepharose® 4B 25 mL Cytiva, 17-0444-01
GE17-0906-01 NHS Act Sepharose® 4 Fast Flow Cytiva, 17-0906-01, pack of 25 mL
GE90100484 Streptavidin Sepharose® High Performance Cytiva, 90100484, pkg of 25 mL
GE17-5113-01 Streptavidin Sepharose® High Performance Cytiva, 17-5113-01, pack of 5 mL