Anion Exchange Media - Ion Exchange Chromatography 

Buy our anion exchange chromatography media with peerless separation and purification capability.

Anion Exchange Chromatography contains an anion exchanger resin, which is positively charged and is engineered to bind with the negatively charged molecules, displacing the counter-ion. Anion Exchange Chromatography Media is designed with high dynamic capacity and is generally useful for the purification and separation of biomolecules.

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A9960 Amberlite® IRA-67 free base gel form, 16-50 mesh (wet)
B6385 Benzoylated Naphthoylated DEAE–Cellulose medium
GE17-5316-02 Capto Q Cytiva, 17-5316-02, pack of 100 mL
C4650 Cholestyramine resin
A50120 DEAE–Sephadex®
A25120 DEAE–Sephadex® A-25 chloride form
DFF100 DEAE–Sepharose® Fast Flow
DCL6B100 DEAE–Sepharose® CL-6B
GE17-0170-01 DEAE-Sephadex® A-25 Cytiva, 17-0170-01, pack of 100 g
GE17-0180-02 DEAE-Sephadex® A-50 Cytiva, 17-0180-02, pack of 500 g
GE17-0709-01 DEAE Sepharose® Fast Flow Cytiva, 17-0709-01, pack of 500 mL
I6505 Diethylaminoethyl–Sephacel® aqueous ethanol suspension, 40-160 μm (wet), exclusion limit ~1,000,000 Da
GE28-9365-41 HiPrep DEAE Fast Flow 16/10 Cytiva, 28-9365-41
GE28-9365-43 HiPrep Q Fast Flow 16/10 Cytiva, 28-9365-43
GE28-4058-46 HiTrap® Capto Adhere Cytiva, 28-4058-46, pack of 5 × 5 mL
GE29-0513-25 HiTrap® Q HP Cytiva, 29-0513-25, pack of 1 mL
GE17-5177-01 Mini Q 4.6/50 PE
GE17-5179-01 Mono Q® 4.6/100 PE
Q25120 QAE Sephadex® A-25 chloride form
Q50120 QAE Sephadex® A-50 chloride form
Q1126 Q Sepharose® Fast Flow preswollen, 45-165 μm (wet), exclusion limit ~4,000,000 Da
Q1754 Q Sepharose® High Performance preswollen, 24-44 μm (wet), average exclusion limit ~4,000,000 Da
GE17-1179-01 Resource Q Cytiva, 17-1179-01, pack of 6 mL
GE17-0510-01 Q Sepharose® Fast Flow Cytiva, 17-0510-01, pack of 300 mL
GE17-1014-01 Q Sepharose® High Performance Cytiva, 17-1014-01, pack of 75 mL
GE17-5072-01 Q Sepharose® Xl Cytiva, 17-5072-01, pack of 300 mL
GE17-0947-01 Source 15Q Cytiva, 17-0947-01, pack of 50 mL
GE17-5181-01 SOURCE 15Q 4.6/100 PE