Primary Cells and Cell Culture

Primary cells are derived directly from living tissue and therefore more closely replicate the physiology of biological systems.  They are increasingly useful in life science research, ADME/toxicity studies and pharmaceutical development, and in diverse applications where cell lines do not replicate the target biological system. We are pleased to offer primary cells from PromoCell (available in select geographies) and from Cell Applications, Inc. (CAI).

Our manufacturers have refined the isolation, purification, subculture, and growth of over 100 cell types. Cells come with the promise of purity, low passage, rigorous characterization, and strict quality control. Harmonized media and reagents provide optimal performance, ensuring confidence in the utility of these cells and their supporting products in your application.

PromoCell® Primary Cell Culture

Ethically-sourced human primary cells and uniquely optimized media make the most relevant physiological results from cell models accessible to any lab.

Human primary cell culture
Human blood and stem cell culture
Primary cancer cell cultures

Cell Applications Inc.
Primary Cells, Media & Reagents

Diverse animal and human primary cell options include cryopreserved formats, and cells prescreened for metabolic regulation markers and signaling pathways.

Primary cells
Growth media
Reagents and supplements
Primary Human Hepatocytes
Primary hepatocytes are essential for
in vitro evaluation of metabolism, drug-drug interactions, transporter activity, and compound toxicity. Each lot includes batch-specific functionality, donor medical history, and clinical data.
Primary human hepatocytes

Primary Cell Culture Basics
Get expert tips for working with primary cells, and learn more about primary cell applications. Understand technical and biological considerations for comparing primary cells to continuous cell lines.
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