Protein A, G and L Resins

Protein A and Protein G have binding sites for the Fc portion of mammalian IgG. The capacity of these proteins for IgG varies with the species. In general, IgGs have a higher affinity for Protein G than for Protein A, and Protein G can bind IgG from a wider variety of species. The affinity of various IgG subclasses, especially from mouse and human, for Protein A varies more than for Protein G. Protein A can, therefore, be used to prepare isotypically pure IgG from some species. Protein L has an affinity for kappa light chains from various species. It can be used to purify monoclonal or polyclonal IgG, IgA, and IgM as well as Fab, F(ab′)2, and recombinant scFv fragments that contain kappa light chains. Note: Species such as bovine, goat, sheep, and horse whose Igs contain almost exclusively lambda chains will not bind well, if at all, to Protein L. This makes it suitable for isolating mouse monoclonal antibodies from cell culture supernatants without contamination by bovine IgG.
See also Protein A, G, and L Detection Reagents.

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GE17-5478-01 Capto L Cytiva, 17-5478-01, pack of 25 mL
GE17-5478-02 Capto L Cytiva, 17-5478-02, pack of 200 mL
P6486 EZview Red Protein A Affinity Gel
E3403 EZview Red Protein G Affinity Gel
GE17-0886-01 Gammabind Plus Sepharose® Cytiva, 17-0886-01, pack of 5 mL
GE17-0886-02 Gammabind Plus Sepharose® Cytiva, 17-0886-02, pack of 25 mL
GE17-0886-04 Gammabind Plus Sepharose® Cytiva, 17-0886-04, pack of 500 mL
GE17549815 HiScreen MabSelect PrismA Cytiva, 17549815, pkg of 4.7 mL
GE17549854 HiTrap® MabSelect PrismA Cytiva, 17549854, pack of 5 × 5 mL
GE17549853 HiTrap® MabSelect PrismA Cytiva, 17549853, pack of 1 × 5 mL
GE17549852 HiTrap® MabSelect PrismA Cytiva, 17549852, pack of 5 × 1 mL
GE17549851 HiTrap® MabSelect PrismA Cytiva, 17549851, pack of 1 × 1 mL
GE29-0486-65 HiTrap Protein L Cytiva, 29-0486-65, pack of 1 mL
54840-U HiTrap® Protein G Cartridge part volume 1 mL
GE29-0485-81 HiTrap® Protein G HP Cytiva, 29-0485-81, pack of 1 mL
GE29-0491-04 HiTrap® MabSelect SuRe Cytiva, 29-0491-04, pack of 1 mL
GE17-6002-35 Immunoprecipitation Starter Pack Cytiva, 17-6002-35, pack of 1 kit
GE17-5199-01 MabSelect Cytiva, 17-5199-01, pack of 25 mL
GE17549801 MabSelect PrismA Cytiva, 17549801
GE17549802 MabSelect PrismA Cytiva, 17549802
GE17-5438-01 MabSelect SuRe Cytiva, 17-5438-01, pack of 25 mL
GE17-5438-02 MabSelect SuRe Cytiva, 17-5438-02, pack of 200 mL
GE17-5269-02 MabSelect Xtra Cytiva, 17-5269-02, pack of 200 mL
GE17-5269-07 MabSelect Xtra Cytiva, 17-5269-07, pack of 25 mL
GE17-5280-01 nProtein A Sepharose® 4 Fast Flow Cytiva, 17-5280-01, pack of 5 mL
GE17-5280-02 nProtein A Sepharose® 4 Fast Flow Cytiva, 17-5280-02, pack of 200 mL
GE17-5280-04 nProtein A Sepharose® 4 Fast Flow Cytiva, 17-5280-04, pack of 25 mL
P2545 Protein A–Agarose saline suspension
P1406 Protein A–Agarose lyophilized powder
P9269 Protein A–Agarose lyophilized powder
P7786 Protein A-Agarose from Staphylococcus aureus aqueous suspension
P0932 Protein A-Agarose from Staphylococcus aureus lyophilized powder
P3476 Protein A–Agarose Fast Flow 50%, aqueous suspension
P5906 Protein A (extracellular)–Agarose from Staphylococcus aureus lyophilized powder
16-125 Protein A Agarose Protein A Agarose Beads for the purification of human, mouse & rabbit immunoglobins.
16-156 Protein A Agarose, Fast Flow Protein A Agarose, Fast Flow suitable for medium and low-pressure chromatography, immunoprecipitation and antibody purification.
16-266 Protein G Agarose, Fast Flow Protein G Agarose, Fast Flow suitable for medium and low pressure chromatography of IgG from mouse, sheep, and rabbit, and for immunoprecipitations.
P1925 Protein A–Agarose macrobeads aqueous suspension
IP02 Protein A Agarose Suspension Protein A Agarose Suspension designed for immunoprecipitation applications
P3391 Protein A-Sepharose® from Staphylococcus aureus lyophilized powder
P6649 Protein A–Sepharose® 6MB aqueous ethanol suspension
P9424 ProteinA-Sepharose® 4, Fast Flow from Staphylococcus aureus aqueous ethanol suspension
P3296 Protein G Sepharose®, Fast Flow recombinant, expressed in E. coli, aqueous ethanol suspension
P3351 Protein L–Agarose from Peptostreptococcus magnus recombinant, expressed in E. coli
IP04 Protein G Plus-Agarose Suspension Protein G PLUS agarose suspension specifically formulated for immunoprecipitation.
IP10 Protein G Plus/Protein A-Agarose A mixture of Protein G PLUS and Protein A covalently conjugated to agarose. Useful for purification of IgG from biological fluids.
IP05 Protein G Plus/Protein A Agarose Suspension Protein G PLUS/Protein A-Agarose mixture specifically formulated for immunoprecipitation.
GE28-9852-55 Protein G GraviTrap Cytiva, 28-9852-55, pack of 10 × 1 mL
GE17-0469-01 Protein A-Sepharose® 6MB Cytiva, 17-0469-01
GE17-0963-02 Protein A Sepharose® Cl-4B Cytiva, 17-0963-02, pack of 500 mL
GE17-0963-03 Protein A Sepharose® Cl-4B Cytiva, 17-0963-03, pack of 25 mL
GE17-0780-01 Protein A-Sepharose® CL-4B Cytiva, 17-0780-01, pack of 1.5 g
GE17-0618-01 Protein G Sepharose® 4 Fast Flow Cytiva, 17-0618-01, pack of 5 mL
GE17-0618-02 Protein G Sepharose® 4 Fast Flow Cytiva, 17-0618-02, pack of 25 mL
GE17-0618-05 Protein G Sepharose® 4 Fast Flow Cytiva, 17-0618-05, pack of 200 mL
GE17-5138-01 rmp Protein A Sepharose® Fast Flow Cytiva, 17-5138-01, pack of 5 mL
GE17-5138-03 rmp Protein A Sepharose® Fast Flow Cytiva, 17-5138-03, pack of 200 mL
GE17-1279-01 rProtein A Sepharose® Fast Flow Cytiva, 17-1279-01, pack of 5 mL
GE17-1279-02 rProtein A Sepharose® Fast Flow Cytiva, 17-1279-02, pack of 25 mL
GE17-1279-03 rProtein A Sepharose® Fast Flow Cytiva, 17-1279-03, pack of 200 mL
GE17-5474-01 MabSelect SuRe LX Cytiva, 17-5474-01, pack of 25 mL
GE17-5474-02 MabSelect SuRe LX Cytiva, 17-5474-02, pack of 200 mL