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Enhance your understanding of biology with our world-class biomolecules. Our portfolio includes over 50,000 primary antibodies, 12,000 of which are Prestige Antibodies® powered by Atlas Antibodies, as well as a vast range of proteins, bioactive peptides, and kinases. Offering over 3,000 Bioactive Small Molecules and LOPAC™ (Library of Pharmacologically Active Compounds), we are the leading destination for tools to modulate target activity. Our Biomolecule Portfolio is backed by immeasurable experience, knowledge, and biological data allowing you to focus on the research that is driving improvements in science and medicine.

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Evaluate antibody products with complete peace of mind. Not satisfied? We offer a full credit or replacement – Bioguaranteed.

Guaranteed antibodies

If our antibody does not perform in your application of interest or species specificity – no matter what – we will issue a full credit or replacement antibody product – Bioguaranteed. Learn more!

Prestige Antibodies®: The most validated antibodies in the industry