Tools for Biosimilars: R&D through Manufacturing

Robust analytical testing, thorough biophysical characterization, and a cost-effective strategy to scale up are the keys to accelerating the development of biosimilars. We are the only trusted industry partner that combines comprehensive technologies and the regulatory know-how to help you make the transition from developing novel biologics to introducing and developing biosimilars, biobetters, and bioexacts.

Biophysical Characterization
Broad array of analytical technology platforms & tools to assess biochemical, biophysical and physiological attributes of biosimilars

ADC mimics


Immunogenicity Assessment
State-of-the art instruments & assays to accurately predict the immunogenic potential of biosimilars

Milliplex assays
Singulex assays


Upstream Process Development
Cell line development platforms, scale up/ manufacturing solutions & regulatory services to speed up your biosimilar drug development

CC Media
CHOZN Platform
Bioreliance - End to end service &
  Validation Testing



 Learning Center