IVSS Events


 Meet with our In Vitro Safety Systems team at

Come learn about our latest products and our complete portfolio to fit your Early Drug Discovery and Pre-clinical research needs as recommended in the FDA and EMA guidance documents.

We provide more predictive in vitro model systems for intestine, liver, and kidney with primary, wild type and engineered cell lines, and more for ADME, DMPK, & Tox Scientists!

Don’t miss your chance to meet David Thompson Ph.D., Senior R&D Manager, at the symposium on July 30th at 5:30-6:30 PM. Learn about:

  • Recent advances in gene editing technology to modify the activity of genes of interest
  • Various applications of this technology to the ADME/Tox field
  • Specific examples of drug transporter knockout/knockin cell lines.
For more information, visit booth#200.