AIM Biotech 3D Organ-On-A-Chip Devices


We have partnered with AIM Biotech to offer a ready-to-use, modular platform for incorporating 3D cell culture into your research. The AIM Biotech chip enables you to perform simple assays or create more complex microphysiological systems. The versatile platform is suitable for a wide variety of cell types and is customizable for your specific needs.


Figure 1. AIM Biotech 3D cell culture chip. Each chip has three easy-to-load channels for extracellular matrix, media and cells. Chips are optically clear, which enables easy visualization of cells.

Discover the Power of 3D

  • Compatible with polymerizable gels – gel channels can be filled with collagen, fibrinogen and other hydrogels, or Matrigel® matrix or other extracellular matrices to suit your experimental needs.
  • Multi-channel design – different cell types can be cultured in the same channel or compartmentalized into different channels.
  • Optically clear – polymers with a light transmittance rate of 92% are used in AIM Biotech chips so they are compatible with phase-contrast, epifluorescence, two-photon and confocal microscopy.
  • Gas permeability – gas permeable bottom laminate of the chip eliminates the need for rocking platforms and pumps, enabling easy scale-up.
  • Control of flow & chemical gradients – interstitial flow and chemical gradients across the 3D hydrogel can be set up and controlled in AIM Biotech chips.
  • Compatible with microfluidics platforms – use existing microfluidic equipment or perform assays under static conditions, no additional equipment or pump is required
  • Perform various downstream analyses – media and cells can be collected from the gel & media channels for PCR, RNA extraction, proteomic analysis, cell sorting with FACS, etc.



AIM Biotech


Product No. Description
DAX01 AIM Biotech 3D Cell Culture Chips
HOL01 AIM Biotech 3D Cell Culture Chip Holders
LUC01 AIM Biotech 3D Cell Culture Chip Luer Connectors