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The Molymod molecular orbital system uses standard shiny colored atom parts to represent the central atom cores. Average scale is 3.5cm per Angstrom. The atomic and molecular orbital parts are represented by pastel/matte colored pieces and are color-coded according to their use.

The pink and purple pear-shaped lobes and concave pi links represent the +ve and -ve signs of the wave functions Ψ of the lobes of atomic and molecular orbitals. The gray pieces represent hybridized sigma bonds. The light brown spheres are used to indicate lone electron pair orbitals. Where the electrons are involved in hydrogen bonding, a light brown pear-shaped lobe is used.

Organic Structures

4-model collection set

Contains sufficient parts to make benzene, ethane, ethene, and ethyne. Shows sigma and pi bonding orbitals, and concepts of hybridization and delocalization.


Atomic Orbitals

14-model collection set

Contains 1s; 2s; 2p; 3d; 2s+ 3 x 2p; and sp, sp2, and sp3 hybridized models. Pink and purple lobes represent the +/- wave phases of the p and d atomic orbitals. Models come with transparent bases for display.


Electron Repulsion Theory

8-model collection set

Shows 1-6 coordinate systems: terminal, linear, bent, trigonal, pyramidal, tetrahedral, trigonal bipyramidal, octahedral. Lone pairs are represented by brown spheres or brown pear-shaped parts.