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SafetyBarb™ Glassware - Sigma-Aldrich Glassware Catalog

This new glassware features SafetyBarb™ removable connections for 1/4 in. i.d. flexible tubing. The "barbed" polypropylene connector grips tubing firmly and can be safely detached from the glassware by unscrewing the PBT cap. Accidental glassware breakage is eliminated when installing or removing the tubing. A silicone rubber seal ensures a liquid- and vacuum-tight connection to the glass GL 14 thread.

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Also available - Automatic shut-off quick-disconnects

To install, unscrew tubing connector on glassware and replace with coupling insert. Chemically resistant acetal coupling insert and body are spring-loaded, locking and have 316SS springs and EPR seals. Both sides seal automatically when pulled apart. One coupling insert and body needed for each glass connection. Use with 1/4 in. i.d. flexible tubing.