Tissue Diagnostics Solutions

Tissue Diagnostics Workflow

Discover our newly expanded and even more comprehensive product range for your tissue diagnostics workflow. We are dedicated to covering all your requirements and delivering quality in the fields of Histology, Cytology, Bacteriology and Hematology.

From brilliant staining solutions and ready-to-use test kits, to Biological Stain Commission (BSC) certified dyes, centrifugation media, and immunohistochemistry (IHC) antibodies and reagents. We also offer a comprehensive line of solvents and fixatives for microscopy sample preparation, mounting media for routine and fluorescent applications, and tissue quality control slides allowing increased stability, ease of use and reproducibility of results.

Our products are manufactured following cGMP practices, and our IVD stains and kits comply with ISO 13485 and CFR 820. Products are IVD-registered and CE-certified.

Discover the Professional Education Program in the New Tissue Diagnostics Learning Center