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We are committed to help predict cancer with novel discovery tools, characterize cancer with proven platforms, and drive cancer therapeutics through approval and production. As a company with a robust cancer research division, we know what works. Researchers are stronger in the fight with an oncology partner in their corner.

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 Three Pillars of Cancer Research

 Predict Cancer

The search for reliable early cancer biomarkers is more important than ever in cancer research. Our biomarker assay kits, CRISPR libraries and cancer protein technologies will help you save time and money.


Novel Target Discovery

Dr. Jeffrey A. Borgias explores the hypothesis that circulating concentrations of decoy receptors and/or ligands, as well as disease-specific ligand degradation all regulate RTK signaling in vivo.

 Characterize Cancer

Let us help you increase the speed of target identification, biomarker validation, and in vitro model construction for lead discovery. Service providers must be technologically adept and able to deliver on precise client needs to meet high clinical standards.

Disease Modeling

 Drive Cancer Therapeutics

We provide speed to clinic without quality compromise and have a firm understanding of regulatory guidelines. It’s important to rely on partners with extensive understanding of process and analytical development, manufacturability, quality and regulatory expectations. Our end-to-end solutions cover all aspects of biodevelopment/bioproduction from early phase preclinical activities through to single-use manufacturing at commercial scale.

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