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Clinical Testing

Clinical Testing

Clinical testing labs trust us to reliably source quality reagents and consumables for their LC-MS, Molecular Diagnostics and Immunoassay LDT applications. Key product areas include Certified Reference Materials (CRMs), sample preparation solutions, β-glucuronidase enzymes, HPLC reagents and accessories, molecular biology reagents, oligos, antibodies and immunoassay reagents. Clinical lab efficiencies are supported by technical application support, flexible bulk and customization options, and eCommerce and inventory management solutions. Please let us know how we can best partner with you.

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2020 Cerilliant® new product brochure


Complete catalog of Cerilliant® Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) now available for your clinical and forensic testing needs (available in the US and Canada only)


News on clinical testing vol. 1 special filtration (available in Europe only)  

 Clinical Testing Solutions


 Clinical LC-MS Workflow

From sample preparation and separation to our industry leading Cerilliant® Certified Reference Materials (CRMs), explore our complete offering for your clinical diagnostics (vitamins, steroids, hormones etc.) or toxicology drug testing needs.

To achieve the necessary sensitivity in LC-MS, it’s crucial to use the highest quality ultrapure water. Milli-Q® Lab Water Solutions offers best-in-class water purification systems that ensure you always have the critical high-purity water needed throughout your Biomedical LC-MS analytical process.

For a complete overview of our analytical tools, consumables and applications notes for LC-MS, visit the LC-MS page.

Clinical LC-MS Workflow