Great cell culturists do great research! We are excited to invite you to join our journey with the “School of Cell Culture Series”. Tune into our most popular cell culture webinar recordings to learn about cell culture best practice for key stages of your workflow and about how we can support your research goals.

Why we use cell lines as models: A 30 year journey and what lies ahead

Learn about the evolving role of cell lines in cell culture and their usefulness as models of physiological function and disease. In this webinar we review the depth, breadth and best use of currently available cell lines.

How to Choose the Right Cell Line for Your Research

This webinar covers best practice for the selection and maintainance of cell lines for research. Cell line quality is critical for ensuring relevant and reproducible research results. In addition to an overview of key cell lines and bioinformatic tools, this video also covers a specific case study on breast cancer cell lines.

Preventing Culture Shocks: Understanding the Issues of Cell Line Authenticity Webinar

Selecting the right cell line, establishing cell line identity and maintaining a healthy stock form the foundations of cell culture research. Watch this recording to get tried-and-tested methods straight from a cell culture expert, a member of the European Collection of Authenticated Cell Cultures (ECACC) team.

Growing Pains: Cell Culture Challenges and Best Practices

Cell culturists face a number of challenges through out their workflow. In this webinar we address two of the most common challenges - cell line contamination and misidentification. Watch this recording to learn how to select the best culture set up for your research, how to screen for mycoplasma contamination and how to avoid cross-contamination.

Additional Resources

Check out our 'mini-fix' videos - for condensed overview on Cell Culture FAQs within minutes.