Strategic Service Solutions™


As an industry leader in safety, Strategic Service Solutions will help you identify the risks and develop a plan to make your lab — and your students — safer.

Life Science

Strategic Service Solutions extends our resources and capabilities, giving you the ability to access regulatory compliance knowledge and technical expertise to provide added flexibility.


We provide a wide range of services to support the pharmaceutical industry through all stages of drug discovery, from development to commercialization.


For customers in a broad array of industries, Strategic Service Solutions™ offers a comprehensive suite of services that meet needs through the complete supply chain.

As a global leader in science, we offer many services independent of our chemical and biological products. Whether you are seeking help with characterization of a new molecule or protein, want additional safety education for your employees or simply need to outsource the preparation of your material safety data sheets, Strategic Service Solutions provides world-class support.

Strategic Service Solutions is committed to safety, compliance, education, and support services for research and manufacturing, and can help your business achieve sustainable market growth.

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