Solvent Center

Returnable Containers


  • Features & Benefits
  • Containers virtually unbreakable
  • Avoid spillages
  • Reduced fire risk

Product quality:
  • Closed system from production to point of use
  • No contamination from air or moisture
  • Containers dedicated for high purity solvent use
  • Consistent quality for larger volumes

  • Containers are reusable
  • No waste of empty bottles
  • No need for additional packaging such as cartons and polystyrene

  • Minimizes extra costs for disposal of contaminated bottles
  • Reduced warehousing costs
  • Containers require up to 50 % less space than equivalent volumes in glass bottles

Efficient logistics:
  • Reduced handling of materials
  • Direct supply to central supply systems
  • Direct instrument connection available (synthesizers and HPLC machines etc.) Reduced change-over times of bottles or containers