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Solvents for Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry We provide the largest offerings of high-quality solvents to meet the needs of Oil Industry, Specialty Chemicals, and Medical Materials. For more information, please visit Industrial R&D chemical synthesis workflow.
  • Chemical Reactions
  • Reaction Analysis
  • Purification
  • Product Analysis
  • Custom Synthesis
Technique /Application Suitable Solvent Grades Related Product Categories
General Synthesis and Analysis ACS and Reagent grade solvents
Chemical Synthesis
Preparative and Analytical HPLC, TLC HPLC Plus solvents
HPLC Gradient Grade
HPLC solvents
Analytical Standards and Certified Reference Materials
Sample Preparation & Handling
LC-MS Solvents
LC Product Overview
Titan™ UHPLC Columns
GPC HPLC Plus solvents Polymer Science
Gas Chromatography Solvents for GC applications Overview on GC products
General Compendial Analysis Multi-Compendial Solvents  
NMR Deuterated Solvents NMR Product Overview
NMR calibration
UV/Vis Spectrometry HPLC solvents UV/Vis Calibration Standards
UV/Vis Spectroscopy Supplies
IR Spectroscopy IR tested solvents IR Spectroscopy Supplies
Trace metal analysis
by AAS or ICP-MS
Trace analysis solvents Acids and Bases for ICP & AAS
Calibration CRMs for ICP
Material Science Anhydrous grade solvents Materials Science