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Greener Services



 Green actions speak louder than words.

We believe that a company’s dedication to the environment should go beyond offering “greener” products. It should also be reflected in its actions. That’s why we offer a series of simple, easy-to-implement programs and services designed to minimize your environmental impact, without compromising the quality of your work.

SMASH Packaging
Our four-year approach to drive improvement in the sustainability of our packaging.
Returnable Solvent Containers
Reusable stainless steel Pure-Pac™ returnable containers are a smart alternative to disposable solvent packaging.
Aldrich Market Select
Small Molecule Screening Library Service - Our customizable service creates a pain-free solution for your unique small molecule screening library needs.
eCommerce Procurement Solutions
Streamline workflow and minimize paper waste with a full range of eCommerce procurement and delivery solutions.
Polystyrene Cooler Return Program
Reduce your waste by returning your polystyrene cooler to us free of charge.