Design for Sustainability (DfS) – Development


Our Approach

DfS-Development is a component of our Design for Sustainability framework, our gold-standard design approach that keeps sustainability at the forefront of each stage of the product life cycle to minimize environmental and health impact, and simultaneously improve product performance.
Throughout the Product Development Process (PDP), DfS-Development ensures a comprehensive focus on sustainability when developing and engineering products.
We enable our product development teams with a deeper understanding of sustainability topics across disciplines and empower teams with the tools and resources necessary to drive product sustainability improvements.


How It Works

  • We jumpstart a greener PDP with DfS-Development by brainstorming the environmental impact across the product life cycle, defining sustainability targets, and assessing sustainability characteristics of the new product.
  • This process is supported by our DfS scorecard, which helps drive and assess quantifiable sustainability improvement in our products.
  • Products are evaluated against our product sustainability criteria, which are prioritized depending on the product type, and we identify potential trade-offs between improvements or degradations.
  • Our new products that demonstrate significant sustainability characteristics from our DfS scorecard are identified as greener alternative products in our DfS-Developed products category. We transparently communicate the sustainability characteristics of these products across our seven impact categories directly on the product’s page.


Our DfS Scorecard: Founded Upon our Seven Impact Categories

Our DfS scorecard consists of key product sustainability criteria that were defined in order to cover the main sources of impact on human health and the environment and were grouped in seven impact categories. Assessed through a stand-alone characteristic or through a comparison with a baseline product, they form the basis for assessing the sustainability characteristics of our new products.


Our DfS-Developed Products

Stericup® E and Steritop® E sterile filtration system

Our new Stericup® E and Steritop® E filtration systems were designed with the objective to significantly reduce the amount of plastic that enter the laboratory and waste stream compared to similar sterile filters.

The innovative design allows our customers to directly connect their bottle containing the media or buffer to the filtration unit, avoiding the use of the plastic funnel. This led to multiple sustainability improvements including the reduction of the amount of plastic, the reduction of the size and amount of packaging and the reduction of the amount of biohazardous waste after the use of the product.


Stericup® E and Steritop® E filtration systems
® E and Steritop® E filtration Systems

Stericup® E 500mL DfS Scorecard