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As the world’s oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company, we are committed in supporting your research by sharing technical expertise built up over our 350 years. Join our webinars to discover how we can support your research goals.

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Winning Westerns - Key to success! Wednesday, 27-May 45 mins Recorded Link
Are you experiencing problems with your Western blots? No signals, high backgrounds, multiple bands, white spots? Or are you asking yourself—what is a Western blot? Then this is a must-attend.
In the webinar, Dr Peter Tran, Field Application Specialist at { Merck }, will explain the fundamentals of western blot (WB) and how to evaluate each step in the workflow. This technique is widely used in cell and molecular biology research.

Webinar topics include
• Understanding the fundamentals of Western blot (WB)
• How to evaluate each step in the workflow
• Troubleshooting Tips & Tricks for Better WB
• Do and Don’t when submitting your WB results to high-impact journals

Why you should attend
• WB is a core technique for protein research
• WB is often required for publication and validation
• WB workflow can be tedious and hard to troubleshoot when facing issues
• Learn how to optimise your WB

qPCR 101: What-When-How! Wednesday, 10-June 45 mins Recorded Link
  Do you know what considerations you need to make when setting up your qPCR assays? Do you know how to address common qPCR issues? Is your qPCR data publication quality?

In this webinar, Bernice Tan, Field Applications Specialist at { Merck }, will explain the fundamentals of a qPCR and RT-qPCR. You will learn setup-by-step how to set up and validate your qPCR assays, including how to overcome common issues. We’ve even included tips and tricks to optimise your qPCR assays.

Webinar topics include
• qPCR Overview – What are qPCR and RT-qPCR, and when are the techniques used?
• qPCR Best Practices – How do you set up and validate your qPCR assays?
• Common qPCR issues – Learn about common qPCR issues and how you can overcome them.

Why you should attend

• qPCR is a common molecular biology technique used in gene expression analysis, functional genomics (siRNA/shRNA/CRISPR-Cas9), diagnostic assays, food and environmental testing.
• Learn about the MIQE Guidelines and tips and tricks to achieve publication-ready qPCR data.
• If you are new to qPCR, then this webinar will teach you the basics and provide tips and tricks to design and validate your qPCR assays.
• If you are working in an Applied Testing lab and want to know how you can use qPCR for your work.

Peaky Blinders: Tips for improving LC-MS sensitivity Wednesday, 24-June 45 mins Recorded Link

Are you pushing the limits of detection on your LC-MS? Having trouble separating that co-eluting peak from your target compound? Struggling with the precision of your quantitative method?

Liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC-MS) is a powerful analytical technique, however, it is still prone to interferences. These may be readily detected as co-eluting compounds or may be present as “invisible” interferences, causing ion suppression or enhancement.

In this webinar, Hayley Scrivens, Marketing Specialist at { Merck }, will discuss several strategies to improve method sensitivity through the reduction of contaminants, and strategies to mitigate interferences across a broad range of applications.

Webinar topics include

  • Types of contaminants – the visible and the invisible
  • Sources of contaminants – it’s not you, it’s your sample (or is it?)
  • Reducing contamination
  • Mitigating sample interferences

Why you should attend

  • To ensure optimum sensitivity and accuracy for your LC-MS
  • Know what interferences could be impacting your results
  • Understand potential challenges during method development
Sample Prep and Filtration: Not all filters are created equal Wednesday, 8-July 45 mins Recorded Link
3D Cell Culture - The new 'Lego' Wednesday, 22-July 45 mins Recorded Link

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Browse our on-demand webinar and video libraries to learn advanced research techniques and gain insights from leaders in their fields of scientific research. These educational videos and training modules cover numerous areas of biology and analytical chemistry, including cell culture, CRISPR, genomics, qPCR, RNAi, ZFNs, chromatography, fused-core technology and other diagnostic applications.