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SPME-Fast Fit Fiber Assemblies (FFA)


FFA AssembliesThis new generation of SPME products was developed by Chromline srl Prato Italy in cooperation with Supelco expanding the applicability of SPME for rapid sampling and analysis using multiple fiber assemblies. This product line is centered around the barcoded SPME Fast Fit Assemblies that can be automatically exchanged on a CTC CombiPAL type autosampler equipped with the Multi Fiber EXchanger (MFX) system.

SPME Fast-Fit Fiber Assemblies (4 min)
Watch a video that demonstrates the features and benefits of SPME Fast-Fit Fiber Assemblies.
SPME FFA Field Sampler (4 min)
Watch a video that demonstrates the SPME FFA Field Sampler.

This offers a range of beneficial options:

  • Automatically desorb multiple SPME-FFAs loaded with, for example air samples collected using the SPME-Diffusive Sampling Holder (DFH) or the SPME-FFA Field Sampler (FFA-FS)
  • No manual switching out of the fiber when performing extractions with a selection SPME phases to
    • quickly screen for optimal phase selectivity in SPME method development.
    • enhance analyte polarity range as a result of extracting the same sample with different SPME fiber phase selectivities.
  • Program longer unattended GC/MS autosampler sequences.

BarcodeSPME-FFA Labeling

provides the user and the autosampler with specific information about the properties of the assembly:

  1. The color code indicates the phase type. The coding is the same as for the colored screw hub of the conventional SPME fiber assemblies
  2. The first 2 digits of the barcode refer to the fiber type identity incorporating the phase type & the gauge size.
  3. The remaining digits represent a unique assembly tracking number for fiber and sample traceability.

Technical Rescources
Datasheet - SPME Fast Fit Fiber Assemblies (FFA)

Ordering Information
SPME-Fast Fit Fiber Assemblies are available in packs of 3 for all phases that are available as common SPME fibers.
They are also available in 5 different assortment kits for selectivity screening. View a complete list.