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Dioxin & PCB Analysis

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dioxin sample prep systemDioxin & PCB Sample Preparation System
Dioxins and PCBs belong to the group of compounds known as Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs). They are known to bio accumulate due to their lipophilic nature and, therefore, have health implications. As a result, their emission into the environment and food chain is strictly controlled. Samples that are analyzed, amongst others, are foodstuffs like fish, fish feed, and stack emissions from waste incineration sites.

The Supelco Dioxin Prep system provides a highly efficient means of extracting and isolating dioxins, furans, and PCBs from stack gases, wastewater, soil, food, blood, and milk. The Supelco prep system design offers:
  • Reduced solvent usage
  • Decrease in sample preparation time (by 2 days relative to conventional methods) – see comparative overview chart
  • Extraction recoveries greater than 85%

For more details on the Dioxin Prep system and related products for this application area, download a copy of the “Dioxin & PCB Analysis” brochure (1Mb pdf). This contains information on the two versions of the Dioxin Sample Prep System , GC columns, sampler and resins for gas/air sampling, as well as suitable solvents.

multi layer silica column

The convenient multi-layer silica gel column is key to the extraction process; seven layers of treated silica oxidize, reduce, and separate polar interferences. The modular glassware and hardware design makes it convenient for analysts to select a few system components or the entire prep system for their extraction needs.

dual layer column
Dual-layer Reversible
Carbon Column
micro column
florisil ampouls

After removing interferences, the analytes are retained in-line either on a Dual-Layer reversible Carbon column or on a Florisil micro-column. After elution from the column, the analytes are typically analyzed by gas chromatography (GC).

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GC columns suitable for Dioxin & PCB Analysis
  SP-2331 Highly polar column, for separation of dioxin isomers
  SLB-5ms Low bleed GC/MS column for demanding separations
  SPB-Octyl General purpose non-polar column, for PCB analysis/confirmation
Adsorbent resins for Dioxin Analysis
  Amberlite® XAD-2 Popular Adsorbent material for gas/air sampling
  Supelpack Purified version of Amberlite XAD-2
  SupraSolv® MS & SupraSolv® FID and ECD Solvents for demanding Dioxin & PCB Analysis

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Dioxin & PCB Analysis Brochure 16 1 Mb JXB
Instructions for Supelco Dioxin Prep System with Multi-Layer Silica Gel Column 8 321 Kb T704007

GC Applications: Dioxins, PCBs, PBDEs