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  • Due to the ongoing crisis over COVID-19, our BEST QC Micro Training Boston Area originally scheduled to take place
    May 12–14th is now canceled.
    Currently our Fall session is still available:
    September 15 – 17th, Orange County, CA Area

Reliable testing methods and equipment to enhance lab productivity


We have experienced scientists and engineers with expertise in applications, regulations and maintenance. Adding to our complete range of high-quality microbiology testing solutions for pharmaceutical, cosmetics, municipal water, beverages and food industries, we provide comprehensive services to ensure regulatory compliance as well as optimal testing workflows and equipment performance.

Reduce Your Lab Team Workload and Focus on Critical Activities

  • Optimize or simplify your method for an easy validation and cost-effective testing
  • Get your new testing equipment up in running within a week
  • Rely on your testing equipment and minimize the risk of breakdown


Services for Food and Beverages
Services for Food and Beverages
• Beverage Testing Services
• Pathogen Testing Services
• Environmental Monitoring Services
• Hygiene Testing Services

Services for Pharma
Services for Pharma
• Bioburden Services Services
• Sterility Services
• Environmental Monitoring Services
• Pyrogen Services