TSKgel® columns are available for gel filtration, gel permeation, ion exchange, reversed phase, hydrophobic interaction, hydrophilic interaction, and affinity chromatography.

TSKgel and TOYOPEARL® are widely popular columns and packing materials for the HPLC separation of proteins, peptides and other biomolecules. TSKgel columns are packed with either silica or methacrylate particles with pore sizes to accommodate a wide range of analyte molecular weights. Both particles feature surface chemistry designed to minimize sample adsorption. All popular biomolecule separation modes are covered by TSKgel columns, including size exclusion (gel filtration and gel permeation), ion exchange, affinity, reversed-phase, HIC (hydrophobic interaction) and HILIC (hydrophilic interaction) chromatography.

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Technical Resources  
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TSKgel SW Series Gel Filtration Columns (Silica-Based) - Ordering Information
TSKgel SW and TSKgel SWXL columns contain silica-based, hydrophilic bonded phase packings that minimize interaction with proteins. A 30 cm TSKgel SWXL column and a 60 cm TSKgel SW column provide similar resolution, but the SWXL column requires half the analysis time. Sample capacity increases in proportion with column length.

Because TSKgel SWXL and TSKgel SW columns are silica based, they must be operated within the recommended pH range of 2.5 - 7.5. Detailed operating conditions are described in the information accompanying the columns. We recommend protecting these columns with the appropriate SWXL or SW guard column.
Glutathione S-Transferase
Column:   TSKgel G3000SWXL, 30 cm x 7.8 mm I.D., 5 µm particles
Cat. No.:   808541
Mobile Phase:   0.3M NaCl/0.05M NaH2PO4, pH 7.0
Flow Rate:   1 mL/min
Temp.:   25 °C
Det.:   UV, 220 nm
Injection:   100 µL crude glutathione S-transferase preparation from guinea pig liver (0.7mg)
Particle Size (µm) Pore Size (Å) Sample MW
(globular proteins)
Super SW2000 4 125 5-150 x 103
G2000SWXL 5 125 5-150 x 103
G2000SW 10 125 5-100 x 103
Super SW3000 4 250 10-500 x 103
G3000SWXL 5 250 10-500 x 103
G3000SW 10 250 10-500 x 103
G4000SWXL 8 450 20-10,000 x 103
G4000SW 13 450 20-10,000 x 103
Mobile Phase: 0.03 M NaCl in 0.1 M phosphate buffer, pH 7.0

TSKgel PW Series Gel Filtration Columns (Polymer-Based) - Ordering Information
TSKgel PW and TSKgel PWXL columns are used in high performance gel filtration separations of water-soluble polymers and oligosaccharides. The hydrophilic polymer matrix has excellent chemical and mechanical stability. Although commonly used with aqueous solvents, the polymer is compatible with up to 50% organic solvent.

We recommend using a TSKgel PW guard columns with G2500PW - G6000PW columns. use a TSKgel PWXL guard column with any PWXL column.

Bulk packing can be ordered to repack PW columns and guard columns.
Particle Size (µm) Pore Size (Å) Sample MW
Sample MW
G-Oligo-PW 6 125 <2,000 -
G2000PW 10 125 <2,000 -
G2500PWXL 6 <200 <3,000 -
G2500PW 10 <200 <3,000 -
G3000PWXL 6 200 <50,000 <60,000
G3000PW 10 200 <50,000 <60,000
G4000PWXL 10 500 2,000-300,000 1,000-700,000
G4000PW 17 500 2,000-300,000 1,000-700,000
G5000PWXL 10 1,000 4,000-1,000,000 50,000-7,000,000
G5000PW 17 100 4,000-1,000,000 4,000-1,000,000
G6000PWXL 13 >1,000 40,000-8,000,000 500,000- 50,000,000
G6000PW 17 >1,000 40,000-8,000,000 500,000-50,000,000
G-DNA-PW 10 4,000 40,000-8,000,000 -
GMPWXL 13 <100-1000 500-8,000,000 <50,000,000
GMPW 17 <100-1000 500-8,000,000 <50,000,000
Mobile Phase: Polyethylene glycols/polyethylene oxides—distilled water
Mobile Phase: Dextrans—0.2 M phosphate buffer, pH 6.8

TSKgel HHR Series Gel Permeation Columns - Ordering Information
TSKgel H series gel permeation columns are stable in solvents having a wide range of polarities. The particles do not swell or shrink as the solvent is changed from toluene through methanol. However, these columns cannot be used with polar solvents; such as water or water:methanol mixtures. Spherical 5 µm polystyrene/divinylbenzene particles provide a minimum of 16,000 plates per 30 cm x 7.8 mm I.D. column. Eight pore sizes are available, ranging from an exclusion limit of about 2,000 Daltons for G1000HHR columns to more than 10,000,000 Daltons for G7000HHR columns. The four mixed bed columns (H, L, M, N) feature extended linear molecular weight operating ranges for sample screening or more formal analyses.
(see table after HXL columns for Analyte Molecular Weight Range for these columns)
TSKgel HXL Series Gel Permeation Columns - Ordering Information
The TSKgel HHR and TSKgel HXL columns perform very similarly. The HXL columns were developed as an upgrade from the previous series, the TSKgel H. The HXL can be converted to different mobile phases for doing non-aqueous polymer separations, but it was found that the performance deteriorated when the conversion occurred. The HHR columns were developed to allow easy conversion between different mobile phases. The HHR is considered exceptionally stable, and is easily converted to other mobile phases with little loss in theoretical plates. The HXL columns are a good choice if your mobile phase of choice is THF and you do not plan on changing mobile phases. If you will change mobile phases or your mobile phase of choice is not THF, the HHR columns should be used.
Column Analyte Molecular
Weight Range (Daltons)
G1000H <1,500
G2000H <4,000
G2500H <1.2 x 104
G3000H <3.0 x 104
G4000H <5.5 x 105
G5000H <1.5 x 106
G6000H <~1 x 107
G7000H <~5 x 107
GMH-H <~1 x 107
GMH-L <1.0 x 104
GMH-M <1.0 x 106

TSKgel Affinity Columns - Ordering Information
High efficiency, resin-based TSKgel affinity columns (10 µm particles) separate or purify many enzymes and other proteins. The table below describes the characteristics of the columns offered.
Characteristics of TSKgel Affinity Columns
Adsorption Capacity
(per mL Gel)
Typical Uses
p-amino benzamidine 3-4 mg trypsin trypsin, bovine thrombin,
urokinase, enterokinase,
plasminogen activator
m-aminophenyl boronic acid 40 µmol sorbitol glycoproteins, nucleases,
nucleotides, catecholamines,
carbohydrates, transfer RNAs
iminodiacetic acid ~20 µmol
Cu+2 or Zn+2
serum proteins, interferon,
collagenase, granule protein,
plasminogen activator, lactoferrin

TSKgel Hydrophobic Interaction Columns - Ordering Information
Both hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC) and reversed-phase liquid chromatography separate on the basis of protein hydrophobicity and allow selective binding and desorption of proteins. However, HIC operates at significantly lower binding energy and uses aqueous mobile phases. These characteristics provide a gentle technique that is less likely to disturb protein conformation. As a result, HIC generally provides better activity recovery.

TSKgel Ether-5PW, Phenyl-5PW, and Butyl-NPR resin-based columns provide a range of hydrophobicities for chromatographic optimization. Ammonium sulfate concentration can be minimized by using a very hydrophobic packing (e.g.,butyl). We recommend an Ether-5PW column for purifying very hydrophobic proteins. Ether-5PW and Phenyl- 5PW packings are based on TSKgel G5000PW resin - 10 µm particles with 1000 Å pores. Butyl-NPR packing is prepared from 2.5 µm nonporous particles, allowing rapid analyses. All three column types can be cleaned with 0.2 M NaOH. Scale-up can be performed by using corresponding Toyopearl bulk resins.
Proteins, mixture
Column:   TSKgel Phenyl-5PW, 7.5 cm × 7.5 mm I.D., 10 µm particles
Cat. No.:   807573
Mobile Phase:   0.1 M phosphate buffer, pH 7.0 plus (NH4)2SO4, 1.8 M to 0 M in 60 min
Flow Rate:   1 mL/min
Det.:   UV, 280 nm