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Kromasil HPLC columns & bulk phasesKromasil® premium silica-based HPLC columns and chromatography packings are developed for analytical up to process scale applications. Kromasil has superior mechanical and chemical stability, high available surface area, and a narrow pore size distribution. This results in long lifetime and high loading capacity. In addition the surface properties are excellent, making it possible to run even basic compounds without the use of additives.

Kromasil Chiral are chiral stationary phases based on Kromasil premium silica. Kromasil AmyCoat® and CelluCoat® chiral phases are based on a super-wide pore silica matrix and coated with a functionalized cellulose selector. High resolution, excellent selectivity, high-pressure stability and stable performance when switching between compatible mobile phases are some important benefits. View a cross-reference chart to find equivalent AmyCoat and CelluCoat columns against chiral competitor product lines.

Kromasil Eternity™ is the chromatography platform with extended chemical stability at any pH between pH 1 and pH 12. Kromasil Eternity is the natural choice for the separation of ionic substances. Visit the Kromasil Eternity web page to learn more about this unique hybrid particle technology – watch the video; also view applications, benefits, and method development tips for Eternity. View a cross-reference chart to find equivalent Eternity C18 columns against competitor product lines.

Kromasil®, AmyCoat®, CelluCoat® and Eternity™ are trademarks of EKA Chemicals AB

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Title Size (kb) No. Pages I.D.
Kromasil Product Catalog 837 28 T409213
Kromasil Application Guide 1,290 48 T409212
The Technical Evidence with Kromasil HPLC Columns 500 19 T409218
Boost Your Productivity, Lower your costs with Kromasil HPLC Columns 1,200 16 T409211
Small Molecules
Kromasil EternityXT Platform
1,900 12 n/a
Kromasil EternityXT UHPLC/HPLC Columns  2,100 4 n/a
Kromasil HILIC  500 4 n/a
Kromasil 1.8 µm Particles  1,700 4 n/a
Kromasil Eternity Designed for Long Life 1,300 6 T409210
Kromasil Phenyl 82 2 T409216
Kromasil Diol 191 2 T409217
Kromasil 60 Å - SIL, CN, Diol 70 1 T409223
Kromasil 100 Å - SIL, C4, C8, C18, NH2, Phenyl 71 1 T409222
Large Molecules (Proteins & Peptides)
Kromasil 300 Å for your Protein Separations with Kromasil HPLC Columns 389 4 T409220
Kromasil 300 Å - SIL, C4, C8, C18 70 1 T409221
Kromasil Chiral Application Guide 212 20 T409214
Polysaccharide-based Chiral HPLC Phase for Better Performance with Kromasil HPLC Columns (long version) 2,598 20 T409215

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