Ascentis® HPLC Columns for Small Molecules

We have placed heavy emphasis on optimizing Ascentis phases with relation to the three terms of the resolution equation: efficiency, retention and selectivity. However, our strongest emphasis has been on the most powerful term, selectivity. Together, Ascentis bonded phases have a wide range of selectivities. It is likely that one or more Ascentis phase will accomplish any small molecule HPLC separation. Packed in micro- to preparative hardware dimensions, Ascentis products cover all HPLC application areas, including the most sensitive trace-level analyses.

The general features of the Ascentis family include:

  • High purity, type B silica for inertness, reproducibility and stability
  • Modern bonding processes that optimize bonded phase coverage and maximize stability, while minimizing bleed and unwanted secondary interactions
  • Wide selection of bonded phase chemistries and bare silica
  • Phases with enhanced polar compound retention Compatible with LC-MS and all of today’s sensitive instruments and methods
  • Scalable selectivity from analytical to preparative
  • High surface area silica for high preparative loading capacity

Additional Topics:

Developing HPLC Methods on Ascentis

Harnessing the Power of Chromatographic Selectivity

Functionalized Stationary Phases for Alternate Selectivity

Ascentis C18
The First choice for Classic C18 Retention and Selectivity

Ascentis ES Cyano
Extra stable for low pH mobile phases due to sterically protected phase

Ascentis Phenyl
Ultra-low Bleed Phenyl Phase with Enhanced Phenyl Selectivity

Ascentis RP-Amide
Ultra-Low Bleed Alkyl Amide Phase that Rivals C18 as a Generic Scouting Column. Excellent Peak Shape and Resolution, Especially for Polar Compounds or Mixtures of Compound Polarity

Ascentis Silica
High Surface Area and High Surface Deactivation Combine to Give Ascentis Silica Exceptional Performance as a Normal Phase, HILIC and Preparative HPLC Material

Ascentis C8
One of the Most Hydrophobic C8 Phases Available

Discovery HS F5
Unique Reversed-Phase Selectivity Compared to C18 and C8

Ascentis Express
HPLC Columns for High Speed and High Resolution Applications

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Ascentis Prep Columns
Product Profile
• C18 & RP-Amide phases

Ascentis Application Index
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