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Packed GC Columns & Components

packed gc columns

Supelco’s complete line of packed GC columns are configured to fit most commercially available GC instruments. We also have an extensive selection of GC packed column components (empty glass columns, ready-to-use packings, stationary phases, and solid supports) for those customers wishing to pack their own columns. Should you not be able to locate a stock item to fit your needs, our custom capabilities allow us to manufacture columns and packings to your specifications. Supelco, the leader in packed GC column technology for over 40 years, also carries hard-to-find tools specifically designed for GC packed column use.

Custom Capabilities
If you do not find exactly what you need, our in-house glass shop and packed GC manufacturing can custom-make columns or column components. Please contact for additional information; or request a custom quote.

Packed GC Columns by Instrument
Supelco offers a wide selection of both glass and stainless steel packed GC columns with popular packings. These columns are configured to fit many commonly used instruments and are ready-to-install. All glass columns undergo a proprietary high temperature silanization (exclusively from Supelco) to ensure inertness. Stainless steel columns of 1/8” O.D. can be carefully bent to fit most instruments.

Empty Columns
To make your own GC column, first choose an empty column that fits your system. All glass columns are made in our in-house glass shop, thereby controlling quality at a high level. Over 500 column configurations are currently on hand. All glass columns undergo a proprietary high temperature silanization (exclusively from Supelco) to ensure inertness.

Packings, Coated
All Supelco GC packings are prepared in our in-house manufacturing facility and are ready for those wanting to pack their own columns. These particular packings consist of a liquid stationary phase pre-coated on a solid support.

Packings, Uncoated
These packings consist of an adsorbent-type support that does not require a liquid stationary phase to be coated on the support to perform chromatographic separations. Many of these materials also have application in the air monitoring field as adsorbents.

Stationary Phases
All stationary phases from Supelco have been synthesized specifically for GC use and are typically purer, of narrow molecular weight range, and without trace catalysts or impurities. Supelco SP phases are manufactured with a proprietary process to ensure the highest level of purity and product consistency.

Many of the supports we offer are available in multiple particle size (mesh) ranges and deactivations.

Supelco carries many hard-to-find hand tools and accessories that have been specifically designed with the packed GC column user in mind.

Technical Resources
Title PDF
File Size
Bulletin 792 – Packed Column GC Troubleshooting Guide: How to Locate Gas Chromatography Problems and Solve Them Yourself. 195 Kb 24
Bulletin 890 – Packed Column GC Application Guide. 811 Kb 98