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The GC experts at Supelco have assembled their top technical content in one convenient location. This includes column selection criteria and chromatogram search tools, plus other relevant information to help you get the most from your system.
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NEW Gas Chromatography Columns for the Agilent® Intuvo GC System
Column Selection

GC Column Selection Guide
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Capillary GC Column Selection
and Method Development

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GC Capabilities

Capillary GC Column Selection
and Method Development

Injection Techniques
for Capillary GC

Increase GC Speed
without Sacrificing Resolution:
The Principles of Fast GC

GC Troubleshooting

Ionic Liquid:
Introduction to the

Ionic Liquid:

On-Demand Webcasts

Brochures / Bulletins

GC Column Selection
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Fast GC Brochure
Fast GC Brochure
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Chiral GC Columns
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GC Accessories & Gas Pur/Mgmt products
GC Accessories &
Gas Pur/Mgmt Products
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Gas Management
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