Gas Chromatography

SLBms Capillary GC Columns

Low Bleed GC & GC-MS capillary columns

SLBms columns are designed for GC and GC-MS analysts who require low bleed, inert, durable, and consistent capillary GC columns. SLBms columns will help your laboratory achieve low detection limits, easy mass spectral identification, less instrument downtime, great resolution, short analysis times, and long column life.

Choose the product that best suits your needs: SLB-1ms, SLB-5ms, SLB-35ms
The SLB Story
Over 30 years of experience went into the development and manufacture of SLBms columns.
The Proof: Low Bleed
How SLBms columns compare to the competition.
The Proof: Inertness
How SLBms columns exceed your inertness requirements.
The Proof: Durability
How the SLBms chemistries produce durable columns.
The Proof: Efficiency
How efficient SLBms columns result in sharp peaks and great resolution.
The Proof: Consistency
How SLBms columns build confidence.