Gas Chromatography Columns

Supelco Ionic Liquid GC Column Literature & Applications

The following information is assembled for the analyst or method developer to learn about ionic liquid GC columns, and to assist with the selection of a suitable column for their application. Additional information or assistance can be obtained by contacting Technical Service.

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Overview Literature
SLB-IL60 Literature
SLB-IL111 Literature

Overview Literature

Introduction to the Technology


  • What are ionic liquid columns?
  • How they differ from non-ionic liquid columns
  • Column selection charts
  • Details about each commercialized phase
  • Organized by industry type
  • Analyte IDs and conditions included in speaker notes
  • Updated periodically
  • Peer-reviewed journal articles
  • Includes the seminal 2005 JACS
    (Journal of the American Chemical Society) article
  • Updated periodically

SLB-IL60 Literature



FID Bleed

Better High

Stability to Loss of
Carrier Gas Flow

SLB-IL111 Literature

Determination of Benzene in Reformulated Gasoline
  • Single column application
  • Resolve benzene from ethanol, aliphatics, other aromatics, and internal standards

SLB-IL111 for Petroleum Applications
  • 4-page Technical Report with 10 chromatograms
  • Measurement of benzene and other aromatics in gasoline
  • Determination of the fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) profile in blended biodiesel

SLB-IL111 for Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) Applications
  • 8-page Technical Report with 13 chromatograms
  • Detailed separations of cis/trans FAME isomers
  • Edible oil analysis