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Since 2000 Sigma-Aldrich offers analytical newsletters. The Reporter from Supelco is a newsletter being distributed worldwide five times a year. The Analytix published by Sigma-Aldrich has a focus on special analytical applications and products in each issue and is also distributed five times a year. Please click below to view all available issues ordered by year.


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Analytix 2
With Aquastar™ Karl Fischer Reagents, You Can Always Count on Your Water Determination
Spectromelt® Fluxes and Additives for XRF Analysis, Standards for 19F Quantitative NMR, Quantification of Bitter Acids in Hops, Hellma® Liquid Calibration Standards
Analytix 1
Titripac® – Good for the Environment, Good for the Lab
Brighter Water Determination with Aquastar™ Reagents for Brilliant Karl Fischer Titration Results, The Importance of Analytical Instrumentation Qualification Using Certified Reference Materials, HPTLC Fingerprint Applications for Hypericum Perforatum, Aquastar – The Standard You Can Trust

Analytix 5
High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography
New EC Regulation for Tropane Alkaloids, Testosterone Serum Calibrator Kit, New Vitroids™ Range and Cross Reference Guide, Pesticides as Internal Isotopic-Labeled Standards, Pharmaceutical Reference Materials
Analytix 4
Co(II) tert-Butyl Salophen Complex Is a Remarkably Stable Nitrite-selective Ionophore
Residual Solvents in Pharmaceutical Preparations, Scalable Specialty Carbon Adsorbents for Purification and Recovery Applications, TLC-MS – More Than Just a Routine Technique in Preparative Chemical Labs, High Precision IDMS Measurements Using TraceCERT® Reference Materials
Analytix 3
Products for ICP and ICP-MS from Glass Expansion™ - Focus on Nebulizers
Isotope-Labeled Pharmaceuticals, Pharmaceutical Impurities Standards for Naproxen, Analytical Standards for UV Blockers, TOC and Conductivity CRMs and Certified Clean, Vials from Altus Science, Reference Materials for Essential Oils
Analytix 2
Reference Materials for Jet Fuel Analysis
Hexabromocyclododecane Standards, New Certified Indoor Air Calibration Set, New Analytical Standard for Vincamine, Drug Interference Mixes, New European Reference Materials (ERMs) on the Market
Analytix 1
Glyphosate and Glufosinate Certified Reference Materials
Extracts of Plant Materials, Marine Biotoxin CRMs, Flavors and Fragrances Testing, NIST Reference Materials, Isotope Labeled Pesticides, Carotenoid Standards

Analytix 5
Kromega® Certified Reference Materials by Jaytee®
HPLC Instrument Calibration, Phytochemical Standards, Marine Biotoxin CRMs, Carotenoid Standards, Glucuronide Drug Testing, BAM-Certified Reference Materials, High-Quality HPLC Buffers & Water Monitoring in Cosmetics
Analytix 4
Sigma-Aldrich First Licensed Distributor of NIST Standard Reference Materials®
Certified vials for TOC, New CRMs from IRMM, Primary standards for titrimetric analysis
Analytix 3
NEW HYDRANAL® Certified Reference Materials for Water Analysis
Unique CRMs for Karl Fischer Titration, Calibration Solutions for Mass Spec, Ginsenoside Standards, Labeled Pesticide Standards, Pharmacopeia Reference Standards, Tryptamine Analysis, Derivatization Reagents for LC-MS, Dissolution Media acc. to Ph.Eur.&USP & Handheld Fluorometers.
Analytix 2
Traceable Organic Certified Reference Materials for 31P Quantitative NMR
New CRMs for 31P qNMR and IDMS, Phytopharmaceutical Standard, Micropollutant Detection in Water and Soils, Standards for Aroma Compounds, Pesticide Metabolites Standards, Antifungal Drug Monitoring, Monodisperse Calibrants for MALDI-MS
Analytix 1
Pharmaceutical Secondary Standards
Certified Standards for Quantitative NMR, Organic Impurities Standards, Flash Point Certified Reference Materials, Arsenic Speciation Analysis, Primary Phytopharmaceutical Reference Standards, Certified Reference Materials for Mycotoxin Analyses, Certified Solutions for Cannabis Testing, Color Standards for Food and Cosmetic Industry, Water Content in Aldehyde and Ketone Samples

Analytix 5 Flavor Analysis of Alcoholic Beverages
Aroma Analysis of Whisky, DNA Standards for Species Identification, Isocyanate Detection,  New Pesticide Standards, Ph.Eur. & USP Dissolution Media, NBOMe Phenethylamine CRMs, Reagents and Standards for ICP-OES, Water Monitoring in Petro-chemicals
Analytix 4
Proficiency Testing – A Critical Tool
Proficiency Testing Portal, Flavor & Fragrance Standards, Analytical Standards of Boswellic Acids, Environmental Monitoring of Pharmaceuticals, Clinical Testing of Hormone Levels, Solvents for MS Applications, Carbonate-selective Sensors
Analytix 3
Elemental Impurities and Heavy Metals Testing in Pharmaceutical Quality Control
Elemental Impurities in Pharmaceuticals, Fast and Convenient Patulin Analysis, Bioactive Compounds in Water, Organic TraceCERT® CRMs, Standards for Herbal Medicinal Products, Highly Selective Ionophore for Sodium, Novel Hellma Cuvettes
Analytix 2
New and Innovative Products for Mass Spectrometry
Derivatization Reagents for LC-MS, Certified Physical Property Standards from Paragon, Isotope-Labelled APIs, Flavor & Fragrance Standards, Food Contaminants in Eggs, Detection of Sweeteners, Quick-Turn PT
Analytix 1
Fast and Accurate Size-Exclusion Chromatography
Columns and Analytical Standards for SEC of Protein Samples, New Analytical Standards for Carotenoids, New Certified Reference Materials from IRMM, Determination of Water Content in Candies, Micro-Arrays for Mass Spectrometry (MAMS), Titration Reagents,Fast and Accurate Size-Exclusion Chromatography

Analytix 5
Reference Materials and Accessories for Spectroscopy
Hellma Calibration Cuvettes for UV/Vis, IR Spectroscopy Units from Specac, Pesticide Residue Analysis, New Herbal Medicine Standards, Ion Pair Reagents, New Silylation Reagents for GC, Detection of Pseudomonas
Analytix 4
Paragon Scientific Certified Reference Materials
New Certified Reference Materials, Analysis of UV Blockers, Flavor & Fragrance Standards, APIs and Metabolites in Wastewater, Trace Analysis of Metals in Oils, HP MALDI-MS Matrices, Microbial Fluorescence Assays, LC/MS Analysis of Aldehydes, Water in Aldehydes & Ketones
Analytix 3
Legionella pneumophila: An Unpleasant Pathogen in Water
Pathogens in Water, Certified Pathway Metabolites, Chromium Speciation Standards, Herbal Medicinal Drugs Standards, New Silylation Reagents, Proficiency Testing, Trace Metal Grade DMSO
Analytix 2
Water Determination in Cosmetic Products
Water in Cosmetics, CRMs for SVHC, High Performance quantitative NMR, Standards for Doping Testing, Reference Materials for Herbal Medicine, Residual Solvents Testing, Microbial Testing of Campylobacter, High-Quality Spectroscopy Cuvettes
Analytix 1
Double Accreditation within Sigma-Aldrich®
Gold Standard Accreditation, Metrological Measurement Expertise, Stevia Standards, Pharmaceutical Impurities Standards, Coliforms as Fecal Indicators, Applications of Coulometric Water Determination


Analytix 5
Certified Microbiology Standards and Proficiency Testing Services
Vitroids™ – Microbial CRMs, Reference Materials for Air Monitoring, New High Purity Capsaicin Standard, New Derivatisation Reagents for HPLC, Reagents for Vitamin D3 Quantification, GC Headspace Solvents, Water Determination in Crude Oil
Analytix 4
RTC Proficiency Testing Services, the Way to Quality Analysis
Accredited Testing Services, Organic CRMs Tested by qNMR, Natural Plant Analysis, Standards for Flavors & Fragrances, Ultra-Trace Analysis of Mercury by CV-AFS, High-Purity LC Solvents, Test Kits for Water Analysis, System Check for KF Instruments
Analytix 3
Polymer Reference Materials
Polymer Reference Materials, Certified Reference Materials for Genotoxics, LC/MS Test Mixtures, Rapid Screening for Microorganisms, HPLC Buffers, Ionic Liquids in MALDI-MS Applications, Water Content in Aldehydes and Ketones
Analytix 2
Get a Closer View with Better Standards
New Organic Acid Standards for Ion Chromatography, New Withania somnifera Analytical Standards and an Improved HPLC Method, Solvents for UPHLC/MS, Genus Yersinia, MSTFA and MSTFA-D9 – Essential Tools for the Identification of Compounds by GC/MS, Reagents for Trace Analysis Sample Preparation TraceSELECT® ULTRA, Seminar Dates Karl Fischer Titration 2012
Analytix 1
Microbial Quality Control of Beer
Microbiological QC of Beer, Solvents for GC Headspace, Solvents for UPHLC/MS, Silylation Reagents, Analysis of Pharmaceuticals, Herbicidal Drug Standards, High Purity Reagents for IC and VA, New Certified Reference Materials


Analytix 5
Food Color and Other Dye Standards
Food Dye Analysis, New UHPLC Solvents, Listeria Testing, Kjeldahl Determination, Water in Polyme, Reference Materials for Herbal Medicine
Analytix 4
Equipment and Reagents for UV/VIS Spectroscopy
Reagents and Equipment for UV/Vis Spectroscopy, Cronobacter Detection, Estradiol Analysis, New Solvents for UHPLC, GC Headspace Analysis, Organic CRMs, Pesticide Metabolites, VOLPAC Solution Containers with New Adapters
Analytix 3
Water Determination in Milk and Milk Products
Water Determination in Dairy Products, New UHPLC Solvents, Salmonella Detection, New Derivatization Reagents, New Solvents for GC-Headspace, Certified Reference Materials, Reference Material for Herbal Medicine
Analytix 2
UHPLC – State-of-the-Art in Chromatography
UHPLC-Grade Solvents, Conductivity and Redox Standards, Standards for Food Analysis, Phytopharmaceutical Standards, New Derivatization Reagents, Water Determination in Aldehydes and Ketones
Analytix 1
Pharmacopeia Traceable Secondary Standards
Certified Reference Materials, Titration, Ibuprofen Metabolites, Premium-Quality Cuvettes, High-Purity Reagents for AAS, Solvents for PRA and LC-MS


Analytix 5
HYDRANAL® going green!
Ethanol-based Karl Fischer Reagents, New Highly Efficient Silylating Reagents, Microbiology Base Ingredients, Certified Amino Acid Standards, Lipoic Acid Standards, High Purity Salts 
Analytix 4
Properties and Detection of Clostridium Perfringens
Detection of Clostridium perfringens, Phytopharmaceutical Standards, Ultra-pure Digestion Reagents, Ion Sensor Materials, Headspace Grade Solvents, Water Content in Candies, Pesticide Residue Analysis
Analytix 3
New Generation of Organic CRM
Organic CRMs, Chromogenic Media for MiBi, Inorganic Custom Standards, Derivatization reagents for Pharmaceuticals, Bioethanol analysis, ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation of HYDRANAL® service lab
Analytix 2
Water Determination in Chocolate
Staphylococcus aureus: a Spreading Bacteria, Certified Standards for Quantitative H-NMR (qNMR), Enantiomeric Purities of Amino Acids Using Carbohydrate-Based isothiocyanates, Volumetric Titration Reagents by Sigma-Aldrich
Analytix 1
Celebrating 30 years of HYDRANAL® reagents
Microbiological Food Tests, CRMs for ICP, CRMs for Herbal Drugs, Chiral Derivatisation of Amino Acids, Ion Exchange Media


Analytix 5
IRMM Certified Reference Materials
Feature Article, Microbiology, Standards, Monthly Savings Programme, Spectroscopy, Chromatogrpahy, Titration
Analytix 4
Custom Solutions for Analytical Application
Feature Article, Microbiology, Spectroscopy, Standards, Chromatography, Titration, Monthly Savings Programme, New Product Corner
Analytix 3
Sigma-Aldrich® Colour Chart
Feature Article, Standards, Microbiology, Spectroscopy, Chromatography, Titration
Analytix 2
HYDRANAL® going Green
Non-toxic Karl Fischer titration with E-type reagents
Feature Article, Standards Chromatography, Food Analysis, Microbiology, Spectroscopy, Titration,
New Product Corner
Analytix 1
Headspace Solvents & Standards
Microbiological Food Tests, CRMs for ICP, CRMs for Herbal Drugs, Chiral Derivatisation of Amino Acids, Ion Exchange Media


Analytix 5
Multitopic issue: Standards, Chromatography, Sensoric, Microbiology, Titration
Analytix 4
Multitopic issue: Standards, Chromatography, Microbiology, Spectroscopy, Sensoric, Titration, New Product Corner
Analytix 3
Multitopic issue: Rebranding, Standards, Microbiology, Spectroscopy, Titration, New Product Corner,

Analytix 2
Multitopic issue: Standards, Chromatography, Microbiology, Spectroscopy, Titration, New Product Corner,
Analytix 1
Multitopic issue: Standards, Chromatography, Microbiology, Life Science, Spectroscopy, Sensorics, Titration, New product corner


Analytix 5 Multitopic issue: Standards, Chromatography, Microbiology, Spectroscopy, Titration, New Product Corner
Analytix 4 Multitopic issue: Standards, Chromatography, Spectroscopy, Food Analysis, Titration, New Product Corner
Analytix 3 Multitopic issue: Standards, Chromatography, Spectroscopy, Sensorics, Titration, Analytical Microbiology, New Product Corner
Multitopic issue: Standards, Analytical Microbiology, Titration, Sensorics, New Product Corner
A detailed overview of our HYDRANAL® Water Standards in presented. These standards contain an exactly confirmed water content, which is important for titer determination, monitoring precision and accuracy and for calibration, validation and inspection of Karl-Fischer Titrators according to ISO 9000, GLP, GMP and FDA guidelines.
Multitopic issue: Standards, Analytical Microbiology, Sensorics, Titration, Chromatography, New Product Corner


Multitopic Issue: Standards, Chromatography, Analytical Microbiology, Karl Fischer Titration, New Product Corner
Multitopic Issue: Karl Fischer Titration, Standards, Chromatography, Sensorics, Analytical Microbiology, New Product Corner
Multitopic Issue: Standards, Sensorics, Karl-Fischer Titration, Chromatography, Spectroscopy, Water Analysis, New Product Corner
Multitopic issue: Chromatography, Analytical Microbiology, Standards, Sample Preparation, Karl-Fischer Titration, New Product Corner, Events
Multitopic issue: Standards and Derivatization Reagents, Analytical Microbiology, Sample Preparation, Chromatography, Karl Fischer Titration, New Product Corner, Events


Karl Fischer Titration, Standards and Derivatization Reagents, Analytical Microbiology, Sample Preparation, Chromatography, New Product Corner
Analytix Notes Derivatization of Drug Substances with MSTFA Improved silylation of drug substances for GC/MS analysis using activated MSTFA reagents
Multitopic issue: Chemical Standards and Derivatization Reagents, Reagents, Microbiology, Karl Fischer Titration
Multitopic issue: Special issue on Microbiology; Articles on
Chemical Standards, Analytical Reagents, Karl Fischer Titration;
New Product Corner
HYDRANAL® and the European Pharmacopoeia: The analyists that prefer to use pyridine-free reagents are required to carry out confirmatory tests themselves. Sigma-Aldrich has done this work for them by providing pyridine-free Karl-Fischer reagents and verifying their suitability for the Ph. Eur. method.
Multitopic issue: Chemical Standards, Analytical Reagents, Microbiology, Karl Fischer Titration
Multitopic issue: Chemical Standards, Analytical Reagents, Microbiology, Karl Fischer Titration

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