Discovery® SPE Tubes

Designed to meet the exacting requirements of pharmaceutical and clinical analysis. Discovery® SPE products are ideal for all application areas including Food and Beverage, Environmental, Petrochemical, Agriculture, and more.

Available in 96-well plate configurations for high throughput parallel processing.

The multitude of phase chemistries and hardware configurations available within the Discovery® SPE line offer a comprehensive level of selection and flexibility required to handle the increasingly complex and diverse sample prep challenges seen today.

Each Discovery® SPE product includes an extensive Certificate of Analysis ensuring optimal performance and reproducibility.

Discovery® SPE allows you to:
  • Achieve greater and more reproducible recoveries for diverse compounds from difficult sample matrices
  • Remove endogenous sample interference for improved accuracy and sensitivity
  • Concentrate target analytes for increased sensitivity
  • Protect analytical instruments from unwanted sample matrix components

Discovery® SPE offers the quality and performance you need to bridge the sample prep gap between sample collection and analysis.