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66011 Alcianblue 8GX solution for microscopy, 1% in solution (in 3% acetic acid)
11635 Azomethine-H monosodium salt hydrate p.a.
16035 Brilliant Cresyl blue solution for microscopy, 0.3 % (w/v) in ethanol
21819 Carbol-Fuchsin solution according to Kinyoun for microscopy
21980 Cardiogreen for microscopy
27130 Chromotrope 2B for microscopy
61135 Crystal Violet for microscopy (Bact., Bot., Hist., Vit.), indicator (pH 0.1-2.0)
32675 Crystal Violet indicator for the determination of the redox potential, S. No.: 785
21620 Disperse Blue 124 for microscopy
21603 Disperse Orange 37 for microscopy
32855 Eosin Methylene blue according to May-Grünwald
32884 Giemsa Stain, Modified Solution according to Giemsa
03971 Hematoxylin solution according to Delafield for microscopy
32922 Lugol solution according to Lugol
32745 Malachite Green oxalate salt for microscopy, crystalline, S. No.: 754
95290 Methyl Blue for microscopy (Bot., Hist.), indicator (pH 9.4-14.0)
28514 Methylene Blue hydrate ≥95% (calc. to the dried substance)
66719 Methylene Blue hydrate meets analytical specification of BP 73
68250 Methyl Orange for microscopy (Hist.), indicator (pH 3.0-4.4)
69710 Methyl violet for microscopy (Bact., Bot., Hist.), indicator (pH 0.1-2.0), mixture of polymethylated pararosaniline hydrochlorides
70480 α-Naphtholbenzein indicator (pH 8.2-10.0)
70540 Naphthol Yellow S for microscopy (Hist.), for the precipitation (of amino acids and peptides)
72210 Neutral Red for microscopy (Bact., Bot., Fl., Hist., Vit.), indicator (pH 6.8-8.0)
75370 Orange II sodium salt for microscopy (Hist.), indicator (pH 11.0-13.0)
79560 Phosphomolybdic acid hydrate for microscopy
36011 Picric acid solution 0.9-1.1% (alkalimetric)
88390 Thiazole Yellow G for microscopy (fluorescence indicator), adsorption indicator
89640 Toluidine Blue for microscopy (Hist., Vit.)
93595 Trypan Blue solution 0.4%, for microscopy
93770 Tuerk solution for microscopy (for counting of Leukozytes)
32857 Wright Stain solution according to Wright