Adsorbent materials can be used for such diverse applications as
  • Collection media for air sampling
  • Packings in solid phase extraction (SPE) hardware, purge traps, and gas chromatography (GC) columns
  • Purification of various gas and liquid streams
  • Recovery of synthesized compounds from reaction mixtures

Sigma-Aldrich offers some of the best adsorbents in the world, led by our highly engineered specialty carbon adsorbents (Carboxen®, Carbosieve®, Graphsphere, Carbotrap®, and Carbopack). We also offer several commonly used molecular sieve and porous polymer adsorbents, allowing access to these materials in various quantities.

Visit our Physical Characteristics and Selection Guide page to view technical information.

If you do not see an adsorbent material that fits your exact need, please contact to inquire about our Custom Capabilities. Our very knowledgeable R&D staff has decades of experience engineering specialty carbon adsorbent for numerous applications. We can also process porous polymers as desired (for example, to remove fines and/or residual monomers).