GC Column Test Mixes

Test mixes are an inexpensive aid to obtaining high quality chromatograms. They are useful when analyzed:
  • After you install a column in your system, to make sure you haven′t also installed some surprises (such as ferrule or column fragments in the column, or small leaks). Poor peak shape may be an indication of dead volume from an improper nut/ferrule combination, or an incorrect insertion distance of the column inlet into the injection port.
  • During method development, to assist in setting proper linear velocity, split ratio, injection volume, etc.
  • Routinely as part of a preventative maintenance regiment. This allows trends in the chromatography to be observed, providing an early warning to keep little problems from growing into big problems.
  • For troubleshooting purposes, to help identify root causes, and to verify when the system is back in working order.